You are only one choice away from a new life. Empower yourself to live the most amazing life ever.

Life is a journey. Every day can be exceptional. But what happens when we go through life on autopilot? We forget our inner voice. Self-doubt creeps in. We put our hopes and dreams on the shelf. This retreat creates a safe space to explore, understand, and grow yourself towards a more empowered perspective on living your best life.


With all of life’s distractions – jobs, aging parents, children – following our own desires and dreams can really seem unreachable or elusive. You will learn that you are more than enough. You’ll learn how to live with more courage and greater intention.


We all have some area in our lives that isn’t working as well as it could be or should be – you may know what it is, or you may not be able to quite put your finger on it. Some of us have many areas we feel stuck in. Life Shift will move you from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll create your very own Success Life Goals and learn how to live them.


Your soul longs to be fulfilled. You will tap into your greatest strengths, learn about what is holding you back, and experience the power of forgiveness. Life Shift will create empowering meaning in your life and help you recognize the power that is inside you. Get ready to live an inspiring life and let your light shine!

2015 Retreat Date is October 24/25 and is being held in Haliburton, ON.  Click here to learn more about Life Shift 2015!  You won’t want to miss it!!


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